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Carol Belleville has always been a natural social butterfly, someone who seamlessly makes everyone feel important and worthy of love. With her contagious vibrant energy, she even finds a way to make strangers feel at home. 

With 12+ years of knowledge and experience in the industry, Carol found the missing puzzle piece of the beauty industry that put us on the map: teeth whitening. Beaut. was launched in 2018 in a time when self-care has never been more important (physically, emotionally and mentally).


Carol grew tired of the not so ever changing beauty industry, an industry that rather change your beauty to fit a norm. Instead, Carol has since gone on to diversify the brand into self care products that are here to enhance your natural beauty and to help you discover the beaut. in you.


From binge-watching Netflix to jet-setting around the globe, beaut.'s mission is to accompany you in the clouds, elevating your self care routine while maintaining angel status. ♥ beaut. is here to leave you feeling better than you felt before xx

Beaut. Is female founded, ran and owned.

It all starts with you. 

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