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Pocket Latte adopted the hashtag #wakeup with a double meaning to ignite the trend towards natural energy. When we say that we’re fighting for “natural energy” we’re not talking about electric cars or solar panels. We’re talking about disrupting the synthetic energy snack industry and providing people with products that are powered by nature.

There’s a growing trend in energy products, yet they leave you feeling wired like a robot or sick to your stomach. This is a red flag. There are 60+ plant species that produce natural caffeine, but companies silently use the cheaper, synthetic forms of caffeine and other additives. Pocket Latte is 100% fueled by real caffeine from real coffee.

Our coffee bars have a smooth caffeine buzz that keeps you sharp throughout the day, without the jitters or crash that come with other caffeinated products. The reason is simple—we’re powered by nature, the way it should be. Synthetic caffeine is created in labs with chemicals such as urea (a toxic compound that is also found in human urine—yuck) and chloroacetic acid (a corrosive chemical cited by the EPA).

It’s been proven that lab-made caffeine metabolizes at a faster rate, which means it hits you hard making you feel wired and anxious, then quickly leads to a caffeine crash. It’s like an adrenaline rush or sprinting rather than jogging. We call this side effect “crashing like a racecar.” Lab-made caffeine is widely used for two reasons: it is cheaper, and consumers (like you) don’t know the difference

It’s Pocket Latte’s mission to #wakeup the world with natural energy. It’s time to take a stand, so stand up with us.


My mother—she’s the reason for Pocket Latte to exist. We embarked on this journey together and we’ve been partners in crime ever since. Throughout my life, she was always incredibly loving and happy, and that never faltered despite the reality of our situation. She was a single mother, who spoke little English and often worked two jobs to put food on the table. She single-handedly raised me under the pressures of poverty, yet was always incredibly loving and happy. I’ve always felt that it was my duty to provide her with a stable career where she could express her artistic passion. Pocket Latte is a mother & son company that I created as a coffee lover, for my mother who’s an artist by passion.

But really, it’s the product of motherly love.


When we say #WakeUp we mean it both literally and figuratively. Yes, our naturally caffeinated coffee bars will (literally) wake you up! But any junk energy product can do that, too. Our purpose goes much deeper. Our #WakeUp initiative is aimed to wake society up by raising awareness of various societal problems.


The first of these problems is where Pocket Latte’s mission comes from—the overuse of synthetic caffeine, rather than natural caffeine, in energy products, sodas, or other caffeinated consumables. Synthetic caffeine is widely used for two reasons: it is cheaper, and consumers (like you) don’t know the difference. But let’s be perfectly clear—it is not better.

Lab-made caffeine is made from chemicals such as urea and chloroacetic acid, while natural caffeine is found in over 60 plant species. A key difference is that your body metabolizes synthetic caffeine at a much faster rate than natural caffeine. What this means for consumers is that they get an adrenaline rush with jitters and increased anxiety, then quickly end up with a caffeine crash. It’s not sustained and often leaves you feeling poisoned. Pocket Latte solves this problem. Our coffee bars are 100% fueled by real caffeine from real coffee. #WakeUp


The second part of our #WakeUp initiative comes from my personal upbringing, as I watched my mother endure the hardship that anyone tasked with single-handedly raising a child endures, especially if they’re under the pressures of poverty and language barriers. Single parenting also has underrecognized side effects on the children. An eye-opening statistic from is that 85% of children with behavioral problems come from a fatherless home, while one in four children in the US are raised by a single mother.

Children are the foundation of the future, yet one in every four have a frighteningly high chance of developing behavioral problems that lead to lower educational attainment and lower occupational statuses. As part of our #WakeUp campaign, Pocket Latte teams up with an organization every month to help struggling single parents across the country. 

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