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Wild Oates began in May 2016, a time where finding a stylish, but also comfy, hat seemed nearly impossible. It’s rare to see Founder, Lesli Oates without a hat on– she needed a solution and an outlet for her passion. During this time, the graphic t-shirt market was hot, but we don’t always read the shirt or let’s be candid, it’s awkward staring at another person’s chest, right? When you wear the message on your head, one can’t help but to notice. Whether you’re making a statement or representing your own brand, it can’t be ignored! We knew quality and comfort were top priority, but also wanted to send a profound message or perhaps…lots of them!    Not long after Wild Oates began, a tragedy rattled Dallas, Texas on July 7th, leading to the loss of seven Dallas Police Officers, while on duty. Production of different “Back the Blue” designs immediately became a priority to get in the hands of fundraisers to raise money for the Fallen Officers Association. Hundreds of hats were sold out within 45 minutes! Following the tragedy retailers and boutique owners across the country were eager to offer the Wild Oates Brand. One kind boutique owner in New York had us featured on “The Today Show” in March of 2017; what an amazing experience!  Wild Oates hats are anything but ordinary. These are Vintage Trucker hats in all colors with messages for the world today. At Wild Oates, there’s a design for everyone and customization is no challenge for us. Some hats say “Stay Humble, Hustle Hard”, while others say “John: Cougar, Deere, 3:16”. A top seller reads, "Everybody Love Everybody", encouraging unity, peace, and love for others. We produce messages of inspiration, faith, and fun all combined on one small hat - made by a company, owned and family operated in Texas, and simply called “Wild Oates”. We strive to provide light with our powerful words while providing a little shade!

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